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"Three Cups of Coffee PSA" 


PA Women Work was chosen as this year's annual recipient of the organization's free film services. The organization donated over $30,000 worth of skilled film crew labor and use of professional equipment to film a 30-second public service announcement and a five-minute documentary. 


-From the PA Women Work website


"The Eat Well Collaborative"


The Eat Well Collaborative will bring together 8 community-based organizations to provide residents with healthier food alternatives and -- more importantly -- support healthy eating among residents in the Homewood and Hill Districts with cooking classes that reinforce healthier food choices.  


"People Over Profits"


Sheryland was comissioned by 1HOOD Media to doccument the workers protest of UPMC. The footage was used to create this powerful music video. 


"New Leadership Pennsylvania, 2014"


The National Education for Women's (NEW) Leadership Pennsylvania is an intensive, week–long, residential leadership and public policy institute designed to educate and empower young women for future political participation and leadership.


"Big Brothers/ Big Sisters of Greater Pittsburgh PSA" 


This was created as a final project in my After Effects class. Music by




The final film for Media Project I will be created within limitations that allow the filmmaker to concentrate heavily on storytelling and making meaning, without an overwhelming focus on the technical elements of production. It is open to interpretation and approach


Found Footage FIlm, Fall, 2013


The purpose of the found footage film is to require candidates to creatively manipulate media for use in a new context. The film is also designed to allow candidates to practice and expand their knowledge of editing and Final Cut Pro X. The completed short film will be included in the MFA candidate's final portfolio at the conclusion of the MFA program. 


"Coffee Break"


Published on Oct 1, 2014

This Camera Movement project was completed as a part of my Advanced Cinematography and Lighting class. Here are the limitations:

Minimum on 12-shot sequence using a tripod, shoulder rig, dolly, and slider at least 3 times each. 
Must tell a story that has a beginning middle and end.

Introducing Tim Kulina
Music by

"Timbeleza Indiegogo Video, 2015"


In 2016, Timbeleza started an indiegogo campaign to raise money to take a band trip to Brazil. This is the video promoting that sucessful campaign.

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