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This is Sheryland.

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Sheryland has a background in performance, theatre, and broadcast journalism. She holds a MFA in Film and Digital Technology from Chatham University and  Bachelor's degree in Communication from Central State University.


For fun, she likes to bang on drums with 4-10 of her closest friends. Together, they are Timbeleza – a Pittsburgh-based Afro-Brazillian percussion ensemble. She also plays capoeira, dances with enthusiasm, flies kites, blows bubbles, and loves to travel. Recent travels include expeditions to Santiago, Havana, Trinidad, and Holguin, Cuba, and a month-long stay in Brazil (Rio De Janiero and Salvador).


Her latest directorial effort was a PSA co-produced by Women In Film and Media -- Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania Women Work named "Three Cups of Coffee." It can be viewed in the video section of In addition to working on industrial projects with local companies and non-profits, she is a prolific screenwriter, videographer, photographer, and documentarian.


Banana Joke:

A well dressed banana walks into a bar. Bartender says, "Hey, Banana. What's up?" Banana says, "Your hands 'cause this is a stick-up!"


Hold your applause.


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